HOME WORKING founded in 1995.
We dedicated to household products industry for over 30 years
with the philosophy of “Made for Environment”, pursuing innovations based upon evolution.
We concerned about the environment, striving to lessen the environmental impact
and will continue our efforts to provide high quality and eco-friendly products.
At HOME WORKING, we committed to creating a beautiful environment.
Our long-term goal is to achieve a sustainable society. 

HOME WORKING became the only overseas exclusive agent of“TERAMOTO”,
a Japan’s leading brand of environmental beautification supplies in 1998 and registered a service mark.
At the same time, we developed private-label products to increase shopper loyalty.
After that, we continuously introduced global brand
and even became the sole agent of the brand in Taiwan market.
Now we have almost 30 counters stationed in high-end department stores across the Taiwan.
Furthermore, we started an e-commerce business to create a more convenient
and easier way for customers to find and to buy.
Let HOME WORKING enter your life to make your daily life more comfortable and more enjoyable.